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101 Getting Started Online Snapchat social media

Snapchat 101 – How to use Snapchat (easy get started guide)


Here’s your quickfire guide on how to get and use Snapchat..No frills I am afraid, just this is how you do it! – Perfect for those of you just jumping on the wagon!

Snapchat is so simple to use, literally anyone can get the app and get going. You need no tech know how just a phone and space for the app!

Let’s get going, as you are here I feel like you’ve not got or used snapchat

Get the app

This bit is very easy.. go to the app store or android store and get the Snapchat app (it’s free)

Sign up

When you use the Snapchat app for the first time you’ll need to sign up – which is the norm with social media and many apps. Follow the instructions and move on.

Basic bootcamp

Straight in, you’ll get a photo of your own face, take a selfie! Tap the button and take a photo. You are also able to (Instead) make a short video of about 10 seconds or upload and image or video you prepared earlier. This part is pretty fun, your pic will end up inside a little ghost shaped box with some dots around it, it’s called a snapcode, this is like your snapchat calling card or actually it’s a bit like a QR code (remember those!?) You can also use the front camera if you wish and in that case you may want someone else to take the photo.
You can download your snapcode and send to your friends or business contacts.

Making connections

You are able to access your contacts from your phone to see who is currently on Snapchat and connect with them (it always seems a little lonely when you first join a new social network)

Lenses & Filters

Okay, you’ve probably seen people sharing their snap stories and photos with funny filters and lenses around social media? These make your snaps more entertaining, exciting, funny and interesting and there are new ones added regularly. To turn yourself into a snapchat creature or make yourself look beautiful simply press and hold your face, you’ll see a mesh and you’ll be able to scroll along the lenses at the bottom of the page and with press once to take a photo or hold down to make a video.

For filters, simply slide your screen to the right with your finger and you’ll see a number of filters such as the time, speed or sometimes there are custome geo-filters that people have created such as for towns, events or parties that you can also use.

Story and chat

You can then add your snaps and images from the day to your story, once you’ve made your snap you’ll see a blue arrow in the bottom right corner.. press it and you’ll have the option to add to your story (your story is public for everyone to see) or you can send your snap privately to your connections. There are some great options in chat, such as live video streaming, adding images, calling privately and so on! The key is to just get on and try it.

For business: Geo-filters are also a good way to promote your own events and services….

Add me and send me your snaps I am Lucycshall on Snapchat.

Giving it a go won’t hurt and once you’e done the basics there is a chance you’ll get hooked! You’ll learn as you go from here but for more tips and tools keep an eye on this blog plus socialday.co.uk and socialdaytraining.com whereby they’ll be new guides, videos and training content added regularly!

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Facebook Facebook live Livestream Periscope social media

How to create better livestream video content for business


Most of us just won’t have a great deal of experience with livestream.. just yet! It’s been just over a year after all since the live-streaming sites became popular. We are all still learning what works and what doesn’t – BUT. If only someone could give you a lift and a few ideas as to how to create better content for your livetream. Just the fundamentals.. It’s all new and can be bit daunting to think you’ll need to get on camera, let alone know what to do to make your stream look professional.

Livestreaming may be new but video is not! Many of you will say to me: But I haven’t even made a Vlog or recorded video yet! Well, not to worry – Youtube has been about for years and years and so has recorded video so we do know that the things we’ve learned from recorded video can be replicated for livestream such as the type of content that gets reach and so on. There are however a few differences and best practices. So let’s explore those here and look at how you can create better live content for Facebook Live, Periscope or whatever live streaming network works for you!

Good 4G/ Broadband connection.

With recorded video you don’t need to worry about your connection. You record, edit and upload and with livestream this is not the case. You’ll need a decent connection for live streaming. Waiting for a decent connection, means your stream will be uninterrupted and will be much clearer and professional (Picture it… You sitting there saying.. Hey guy’s: Can you see me.. can you hear me? – Does not look great on the playback! and looks a bit dodgy live too)

Say hi!

Make sure you are greeting your viewers when you are livestreaming, on periscope and facebook live you can see who is entering your livestreams, so say hi and just acknowledge them, this really helps you to build a relationship with your audience and brings conversation into your livestream video – which again is something you can’t do in realtime on recorded videos. As soon as you start including people in your content, they become active participants and not just viewers, this is a very fast way to build new connections and relationships.

Create some structure

Try not to just go live with no reason or message. Think about structuring your stream, even if just a little. Ensure there is a point to what you are doing or saying. Start by coming up with a topic idea such as you would with a blog or vlog but ask yourself how you will deliver this and how you will structure it, will you be answering questions at the end? And is there a call to action? It may be that you are simply showing behind the scenes at a venue for your event, just think about why you are doing it and what sort of result or reaction you wish to achieve. Look, live is live, things go wrong or not as planned! So no need for a rigid structure but a little idea of what you want and why you want it will go a long way! – Likewise if you are too structured you may as well record a youtube video…. it’s about getting that balance right.


When delivering your live content, it’s really important that you remember that not everyone comes in from the start to watch your livestream! Ensure you regularly recap on what you have discussed and ensure you continue to greet new people who join in. It’s as simple as saying, hi… We’ve been discussing (insert topic here) and so far I’ve said this, and now we are going to talk about that! It’s not rocket science but you should be letting your viewers / participants know whats been covered so they don’t get confused and leave.

So without much ado… get your phone out and go live..
For more content on livestreaming and social media check out socialday.co.uk and our new membership website with heaps of video training at socialdaytraining.com

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Small Business social media Strategy

5 tips for a successful long term social media strategy (short Read!)

5 tips for a successful long term social media strategy

Let’s not over-complicate things! Social media is mainstream and needn’t be made more complicated than it has to be by the scores of experts!

He’s 5 tips for a successful long term social media strategy that really works! and will continue to work month after month and year after year. Of course you can drill down more especially into strategy and content but to give yourself a fighting chance it’s really important to just look at the bigger picture first and say… okay, yes, I can do this! It really doesn’t have to be more complicated than that!

Let’s take a look at my 5 core social media tips and the strategy you really need to get going:
1. It’s always best to start with a GOAL and work on your strategies from there, as long as you have your end goal in mind you’ll be able to get on track.

2. Choosing the right social networks to invest your time in. If you AUDIENCE aren’t on snapchat then why use it?

3.  Creating the right CONTENT for your audience. Content makes social media sing! If you are providing your audience with great value and content you’ll see more engagement and you’ll attract more of the right audience.

4. Be CONSISTENT. In reality it can take months and months to build great relationships with a potential customer, these relationships should be built on trust and to earn trust a person must feel as though they know you. Just doing social media for 1 month and then stopping because you think it doesn’t work is not the right way to go about it, you need to be thinking long term, months and years. Social Media isn’t going anywhere so plan for the long haul.

5. MEASURE: Look back at your achievements and measure your successes and failures, do this regularly and this way you’ll know whats working and whats not and so you can do more of what works and less of what doesn’t!

Okay, there’s a lot more to it all than this and I could write 100 essays on each point! But to get going it is this simple and overall this is the only strategy you’ll need!

PS: If you enjoyed this snappy little article, we are also creating a ton of new articles over on socialday.co.uk and socialdaytraining.com

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Blogging Content Marketing social media

How to make your content more exciting

How to make your content more exciting

The problem with the web and with social media right now is that it’s brimming with boring content! And there is so much of it!

Many of the posts on social media are just not that interesting. They aren’t engaging and the content doesn’t inspire or tell us anything really. There is a real sense of ‘content shock’ happening right now!

It’s not just social media posts that are becoming dull and maybe a little irksome 😉 – It’s blog posts! How many times have you seen these: Get amazing skin, top ten things to share on social media, how to get toned arms? and so on….. I expect heaps and heaps of times.

Look, it’s really important that you educate, so writing something useful for your tribe is great but it also needs to stand out from the rest of the chaff! You need to make your content unique. Different. Interesting. Incredible. Compelling. Helpful. Educational. Inspiring and above all – Valuable and Unique.

[Tweet “You must be different to stand out on social media.”]

So how do you stand out in a crowded space and how to make your content more exciting ? Come up with something new! I know what you are thinking here… “it’s not that easy to come up with something new” You are right, because if it was easy everyone would be doing it!

Here are some ways to make your content more interesting:

  1. Repurpose old content into video or infographics – not everyone is doing this. Look at the content you have created previously, has anyone else created a video on the same topic? Could you create or commission an infographic that breaks down the content in a more exciting format?
  2. Tell a story – Share the same old content as everyone else but put a twist on it, your unique twist. Add a beginning a middle and end but with a narrative much like in a book. Storytelling never gets old. Hook in with a popular story and tell it your way.
  3. Turn images into Animated Gifs or stills – This is a great way to bring images to life and now most platforms support gifs, there is just no excuse not to. These Gifs are much more attention grabbing than static images!
  4. Live-stream – Use Facebook Live, Periscope and Blab (Plus many more) to deliver your content in a live, real and authentic way again not everyone is doing this, if you start now this will really help you stand out in the market you operate in!

Take your time to think outside the box. Ask yourself.. has this been done before? and then ask yourself has this been done in this way before? – If the answer is no…. Then GO FOR IT!


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Apps and Tools Marketing online marketing social media Social Media Tools Visual Content

Rough Guide: How to create visual content for social media with ease

Is not a Social Network!

Today we fight for more attention from our audiences on social media. People have become more time poor and therefore visual content such as images and short videos have become more prominent across social media.

Using Images in your social media marketing strategy can boost engagement much more than simply text alone. Some stats suggest that posting an image on Twitter gets up to 300% more engagement than text alone and video even more so.

One of fastest growing social networks of all time is Instagram which relies on great visual content only.

So how can you create great visual content for your social networks that ensures you stand out from the crowd?
It’s not as difficult as you may think to create visual images that stand out. There are heaps of free or low cost tools that help you to create great images without the need for an expensive graphic designer.

Here are some of the visual content creation applications I could not live without! They are free or low cost and so very easy to use:

Is not a Social Network! (1)


Canva.com – Canva is an online application, you can create social media visual content from templates very easily. It’s free and you are able to choose templates in exactly the right size for each social media platform, each image / quote or ad you create takes minutes and looks professional and high quality.







Word Swag – Word Swag is an IOS app which generates gorgeous text styles over images that you either upload or you can you the pixabay (integrated) image library which includes thousands of free – do whatever you like with – images. This app is not free but a snip at £2.99 – I use this app everyday!








Typrorama – Typorama is a lot like Wordswag as it’s also an easy to use app yet with a few extra features and fonts. It’s very easy to create great images, again there is a free version and a paid version at around £2.99





Legend – Legend is another phone / device application which is similar to wordswag but you can create awesome flashing GIFs and mini videos which grabs the attention of your audience via Twitter and Instagram

Pic Monkey – Pic Monkey is a fantastic tool for editing images, cutting and adding filters. This is a web / desktop application. Use Pic monkey to edit image elements before making more advanced creations on Canva. Also great If you need to edit an image size fast. It’s mostly free or you can pay $5 per month for more advanced features.

Sourcing Free Images

When it comes to using images in your social media posts, you should ensure that you own the content or that you have the permission to edit or use them. It used to be really difficult to source free images and expensive to pay for stock images. Luckily the world has changed a lot! And heaps of free –do whatever you want with – image platforms have popped up.

Most of the time you’d don’t need to attribute the work to the photographer and the images are very high quality by far the easiest to search and best to use is Pixabay.com – Pixabay is a public domain image library of high quality images that are copyright free. Pixabay has over 550,000 images to choose from and is being added to every day. These images can be manipulated and used as you wish.

(A version of this guide is also available in print from KWIB Magazine)

This blog has been verified by Rise: R4020093e9636bc10fe385b92e66e0b07

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internet marketing Just for fun Marketing Pinterest

Pinterest is NOT a social network! + tips for rocking Pinterest for Biz!

Pinterest Is not a Social Network!


Pinterest is NOT a social network! – This statement came straight from the horses mouth at Social Media Week London. I sat in on the masterclass session presented by Pinterest UK, here’s some of those top tips, i’ve created them for you in shareable images!


Pinterest is NOT a social network!
Pinterest is about planning for the future such as holidays or decorating rooms, even what am I making for dinner tonight but it’s not realtime







2/3 of pins are by brands!
Pinterest really lends itself to brands, pinners are looking to pin things for future purchases and aspirational products.








Ensure your pins click thru to relevant content
When a pinner clicks on your pin they want to be taken to futher information such as blog or product sales page.








Think like a pinner:
Think is this pin or board useful?
Would a pinner save this content?








Create boards with 40+ pins
Scrolling through boards on pinterest is hugely satisfying but when there isn’t much content to scroll through it can leave the pinner/viewer feeling a bit underwhelmed.








Properly label your boards
We tend to be a little quirky with the titles of our boards and forget that we need to be discovered, ensure you properly label your board with what is on it. i.e – ‘Blue front room ideas’ instead of ‘blue and beautiful’

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Freebies Resources social media Social Media Tools

Social Media Printable Weekly Goals Planner and Monthly Planner (Yours FREE)

creativity is Intelligencehaving fun (1)

Being consistent with social media is one of the best ways to grow your followers, reach more customers and make more sales! But It can be hard to keep on Track with your activity, which is why I have got this awesome daily social media tick sheet for you and a weekly goals planner!


Monthly goalTo use the social media daily tick sheet planner simply add status and post ideas for the next 30 days and each day you complete an update ensure you tick the box! At the end of the month with all boxes ticked you’ll feel like something has been accomplished! Not only that but it takes 21 days to form a habit so after 30 days, daily social media posting will be well and truly etched in your daily routine!

Download your daily printable social media tick sheet plus get a free 7 day social media email course (starting on the 10th January 2015)
design_1450451729_0 2

To get the most out of your weekly social media action goals planner simply write down your goal for the week on social media, such as: create 10 new conversations or grow following by 100, improve my reach by 100,000, get 3 new meetings via social media and so on! At the end of the week measure your results and see if you hit your goals!

Download your weekly printable social media Goal Planner plus get a free 7 day social media email course (starts on the 10th January 2015 )


Take the 7 day social media planning and goals email course! Plus get your free planners now

* indicates required

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Tools for a top quality Periscope Stream

Tools for a top quality Periscope Stream

Periscope is the next big thing in internet marketing! It gives marketers and business owners the chance to watch live, people all over the world sharing knowledge and experiences. The potential uses are limitless and it’s an exciting move forward for social media and the way we interact with one another.

To get started on Periscope is so easy! The ease of use and accessibility to give and receive awesome content instantly is one of it’s best assets! But how do you ensure you are making your stream look as good as it can? – Even though it’s not all about how it looks! Being authentic and delivering fantastic content is much more important but if you can ensure your video quality is good it makes for an even better viewer experience. I’ve put together some tools and tips to help you do a top quality stream.

Steady camera

In all honesty if you are filming outdoors, you will get some shaky camera, it’s hard to keep it still when you are out and about, one way to keep your phone a little more steady is to use a selfie stick.


Selfie sticks


selfie stickSelfie sticks are a low priced piece of kit, for example this one: Anker Bluetooth Selfie Stick is just £11.99 in the UK








If you are simply stripodsitting at your desk delivering a broadcast, it is hard to be expressive with your hands and keep your camera steady if you are holding your smartphone. A great way to keep your camera steady is to invest in a smartphone tripod. This one is under £10 and comes with the complete kit including a bag and cleaning cloth which is handy if you are out and about. 







Sound is another aspect that affects the quality of your periscope broadcasts. If people are unable to hear you properly or there is excess background noise this can be off putting. Also if your smartphone microphone isn’t great this can also have an impact. Ensure when you broadcast that you are in a quiet environment so that people can hear you clearly. Unfortunately this isn’t always possible especially if you are out and about, one way to ensure you avoid this is to simply use your phone headphones / microphone like the one that comes with your iPhone.


MicrophoneOr you can invest in something similar like these headphones / earphone and mic for less than £20 which will ensures the background noise is cut and people can hear you clearly:






Think about the backdrop of your periscope, ideally if you create a professional environment, you’ll look more professional. A messy kitchen or your laundry room isn’t the best place to do this! Think also about lighting too, if you are in front of a sunny window, half your face may not show, or if you sit below a light this can also happen.

With Livestream connectivity is so important, it’s so annoying when the screen keeps freezing or you look blurry. When you go to scope make sure you are connected to wifi or have a good 4G connection to ensure the best quality broadcast possible.

If you have any questions! Just ask! I am on Periscope @lucyshall and Twitter @lucyshall

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How to Create Better Content for Your Periscope Streams

Content for Your Periscope Streams

Periscope, although it’s been here since March is still so new. In terms of the perfect periscope live stream, there really is no silver bullet. But Periscope is still so new that we can continue to see what works and what doesn’t by simply jumping on our smartphone and going live. Having said that we could all benefit from a few pointers when it comes to making our live Periscope content better. In this post i’ll give you a few pointers on how to create better content for your Periscope streams.

Be Social and Engage!

Don’t make the mistake of not engaging with your audience. Periscope is interactive and at it’s heart is the ability for the streamer to get instant feedback, reply and engage with viewers. If you ignore your audience it can make your scope feel a bit ‘all about you’ or seem like you don’t care to interact If you just talk and don’t interact then you may as well be doing a you tube vlog or pre recorded video. The heart of Periscope is that it’s a social network so be social and engage! A simple way to do this is to welcome your viewers when they come into your broadcast, ask questions throughout and answer their questions and thank them for being there.

Be Present

Periscope live broadcast is very different from recorded video in the way that there are people entering live all the way through. This means they won’t see your intro at the beginning of your broadcast, meaning they may not know what you are talking about and what you are all about, especially if they have stumbled on your broadcast rather than being a follower. Bear this in mind and make sure you are present at all times, by this I mean understand the people you are talking to and stop for a quick summary every so often.

Be on Topic

When you put the broadcast title into periscope and press ‘Start Broadcast’ then ideally you should stick to this topic throughout the scope. Again to reinforce the last message, people are coming in all the way through so if you are talking about mindfulness in the workplace for example and new people come in and see you talking about chicken nuggets, they may feel a bit disappointed!
Another great reason to stay on topic and share your own expertise is that your followers will get an idea of the type of great quality content they can expect, time and again.

In Summary, if you ensure you are sociable and engage with your audience, you are there in the moment with them rather than just talking at them and you stick to the topics that are in your field of expertise this should lead to a great quality periscope broadcast!

– Let me know how you got on! – I am on periscope @lucyshall and Twitter @lucyshall – feel free to ask any any questions!

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Doing Your First Periscope Broadcast

Twitter for Beginners (1)

If you are a Periscope Newbie and haven’t yet done your first scope, it may seem a little scary to start talking in front of a camera for all to see! It can be a bit frightening and overwhelming since it’s live, you may feel exposed and nervous. Periscope Live streaming is very different from other social media platforms in the way that it’s live and instant, if you can crack your nerves, you’ll find this platform very useful for building new connections and growing your audience base. But where do you start? This post aims to help you get set up and help you be more confident to start using periscope.

Set Up

Setting up your Periscope account is the best way to start! – Simply install the app on your phone. The set up process is very easy and self explanatory, like most social media. You will also need to decide if you’ll sign up through your Twitter account and use the same name as there or create an account from scratch. You will also have the opportunity to add your bio and a web address.

Take a Looks around

Check out some other scopes before you begin so you get an idea of how it all works and what other people are doing. This is also a great way to start meeting new people and building up some initial followers.
How do you start Periscoping?

It’s so easy! Again,  to reiterate just how simple it is to get started! Just add a description of  your surroundings or the content you will be sharing and start streaming! Make sure you use a title that explains well what content you will be showing and include hashtags. It can be really daunting when you first go live, if this is the case a test can help – you are able to make your broadcast private and practice. To understand how it will look and the workings of the controls could really help with your confidence before you do your first real live public live-stream.

If you use the hashtag #firstscope on your first live broadcast people will know it’s your first and will understand the pressures you have! Everyone had to do a first periscope once, so most people know what it’s like.

Finally, from experience I can say that having done 100+ periscopes that the more you get on and do it the better your shows get. Be yourself and don’t make it too polished, it’s live, it’s authentic and it’s an opportunity for people to build relationships with the ‘real you’ and thats why in essence Periscope works so well.

Good Luck! You’ll be great!

You’ll find me @lucyshall on Periscope and Twitter and i’m always happy to answer any questions or give some moral support.

Listen to the audio version:

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