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What is Influencer Marketing? and How do you do it?

Influencer marketing is the art of reaching out to people within your industry or niche with a huge social media influence and getting them to share your content to their large, engaged audience.

The point is that if an influencer shares your content, it’s almost like a recommendation or a leg up. And to have someone so influential in your industry do this, could mean you get loads of exposure for your own products, services or content to exactly the right audience, recommended by someone who they really look up to.

There are several ways to go about influencer marketing, here are some ideas:

Ask for Retweets on twitter by reaching out directly and publicly, this isn’t that much of a nuisance to them just make sure the content is relevant and of interest to your target influencer.

Write a blog post about your influencer or influencers, that is helpful for your reader yet includes a little ego stroking for your target influencer.

Write or vlog about a recent article your influencer has written and explain why their views are so important for your audience.

Meet your influencer in real life! – This may be a little harder but if you go to industry conferences you are likely to bump into that big publication or top journalist in your industry, talk to them, connect and share an image of you together on social media, this is a great way to connect offline and online and then make that social media connection (This happened to me! Deborah Meadon – Dragons Den – Has retweeted me! and said i’m so good at social media!) – This can give you and your business and credibility a huge boost.

Start small and work your way up. Start with your local news outlet or niche publications and when the time is right to reach out to the Richard Branson’s, you’ll know!

Be resilient, it can take time to get influencers to notice you. Keep posting great content, share your views with influencers and always thank them when they do share your content. Don’t be too desperate or overly spammy! This is a one way ticket to getting yourself blocked or called a stalker.





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What is Growth Hacking?

Are you curious about growth hacking? Have you spent time on social media and seen this buzz word being banded about like nobodies business? – Unfortunately marketers like buzz words but that’s no good for small business owners and those starting out in online marketing, it can be confusing when you are simply trying to understand the basics and cut through the noise. So I am going to take the time to explain some of these marketing buzz terms for you! So what is ‘Growth Hacking in plain english?’…

Growth Hacking is a buzz word meaning to hack or to cheat the system for growth, so you don’t have to spend the time doing monotonous jobs like growing a blog organically or slowly. Basically it’s taking a fast route to where you need to get, like getting a huge social media following fast or getting thousands of viewers to your blog quickly by creating a system that well.. ‘cheats the system’.

Growth hacking is where you can find a fast process or system for success for growth but very quickly. Normally to grow your business fast by finding a quick route to selling more products or services with social media or online marketing. There are real people out there who do ‘growth hacking’ as a real job. They aren’t meant to replace your whole marketing strategy but find ways to help you get there quickly and grow quickly which for a start up can be essential. The aim of a growth hacker is to help you grow your business and quickly using various systems and strategies. The growth hacker may analyse campaign results and rinse and repeat over again until the desired result is achieved.

Growth hacking is a good thing (in my opinion), for me it takes the wishy washy out of online marketing and leaves you with a goal in mind that you must achieve fast to grow your business quickly.

Further reading? – check out this guide: The Definitive Guide to Growth Hacking via Quick Sprout


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Save time with these social media automation hacks

Social media needn’t be so time consuming! There are plenty of tools out there that you can use to help you save heaps of time. I know that it can be a bit taboo to use automation but it shouldn’t be. Let me explain…

Social media is about being social yes! If you are using social media for business you also need to make it cost effective and if you are spending days a week on social media when you could be working on your business something needs to be done. Also if you are spending hours per week on social media admin then you aren’t spending as much time as you should be actually being social. Enter IFTTT (If This Then That). IFTTT is an application which links up your social media platforms and devices, Google Calendar, Evernote in fact just about anything! (Completely free).(you may also like this hootsuite bulk scheduling hack!)

With ITTT you can choose recipes that help you to streamline your online activities. For example, if you are following a particular hashtag you can use the: build a twitter list from a specific hashtag recipe. You know how long it takes to build lists for specific hashtags or users so you can track them or even target them with ads later? Well here is your hack! Here’s that recipe:

IFTTT Recipe: Build a Twitter List from a specific #hashtag connects twitter to twitter

Another recipe I like is the tweet your Instagram photos as native images. You know how when you share your Instagram to Twitter it appears as a link? Well now you can have your Instagram upload automatically to twitter as a native image. Here’s the recipe:

IFTTT Recipe: Automatically post your Instagrams as Twitter photos connects instagram to twitter

There are so many recipes you can use! Each time someone mentions you they can be added to a list. You can welcome new followers and say hi. Create a content calendar in google and have your content tweeted on automatic days. Say happy birthday to your friends and so on! If you can spend a day setting up some recipes for success you could save hours per week on social media admin which frees you up to well… BE MORE SOCIAL!

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Twitter / Hootsuite Bulk Upload Productivity Hack

If you use the Hootsuite Bulk Upload Tool then you need to know about this! – If you are unsure what the bulk upload too is, let me explain:

Using Hootsuite you are able to schedule out tweets for certain times and days. One way to save some time is to export out your old tweets onto a CSV file, change the dates and times and import the CSV back in. The problem with this is that there is quite a lot of spreadsheet work to do here (boring – I hear ya!). What you need is a way to randomise the existing tweets as well as creating the dates and times very quickly ready to import straight back in to Hootsuite to be instantly scheduled out and save maybe 3 hours! I’ve found this little godsend! I was so excited about it in fact I did a whole periscope chat to show people how to do it, which is when I got the request for the write up, and here is that write up.

The tool is called CSV Builder and it’s pretty neat: – Very easy to use, self explanatory.

Let me give you a quick rundown on what to do if you are a newbie to scheduling on Twitter from Hootsuite using these tools:

Export out your existing tweets (if you have any)

Click: Publisher,  past scheduled and you’ll see a list of old tweets, at the top tick the box and press export to CSV.

Then copy the whole list of tweets (don’t include the dates, names etc)

The paste them into the CSV builder tool, choose start date and number of posts per day and press create file.

You’ll be taken to a list of your tweets and you can delete some and add images if required. Then simply export the CSV.

Back in Hootsuite under publisher go to bulk message upload. Choose your CSV file just created and press submit and boom! Your tweets are scheduled. This can save you so much time!

Check out my periscope to see the actual tutorial  This may be gone by now so check it on Katch

I hope this helped! let me know

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How to Schedule your Social Media Messages

Whether you love it or hate it, scheduling your social media messages can save you bags of time and frees you up to do that all important interaction and relationship building with your community.

Benefits of pre scheduling social media activity:

What if I told you that you could schedule a weeks worth of social media messages in 1 hour on a Monday giving you time to work on other things? Doing this will also make you feel super productive. You’ll find you’ll no longer be scraping around for something to say, you’ll be able to better measure your messages response and the best times of day to post? It really does make sense now doesn’t it?

How to schedule your social media

Find a tool or programme:

To schedule social media messages you can use tools such as Hootsuite. Hootsuite is my personal favourite for many reasons and at the moment they have a free trial available. Others include Sprout Social, Buffer App, Klout and the list goes on. Most include free trials, so try them all and see what works best for you.

Curate content and plan your messages

Open your tool of choice and run through set up, set your dashboard to auto schedule – this is where the tool posts your messages throughout the day at optimum times based on when your audience is most active.

You can also choose how many messages you’d like to go out per day. For twitter I go for 10, for google + 1 or 2, Linkedin 1-3. That’s just me and you’ll have a better idea how many messages are acceptable for your own audience. It really doesn’t matter how many times you post but work out how many posts might become irksome! Also on Twitter it really doesn’t matter how many as long as you aren’t posting an update every second or one after the other.

You can also schedule messages to facebook but i’ve found that scheduling from a 3rd party app to facebook significantly reduces reach. So I normally schedule those messages directly from the facebook page. This does not include your personal facebook page, you can schedule to your personal facebook page from hootsuite for example with no impact on your reach.

Facebook content hack: I normally spend another hour creating images and quotes on Canva, i’m up to about 10 per hour at present, you can then schedule shareable images in the perfect dimensions that look stunning straight to your facebook page.

Go to your blog and take titles, facts, links and snippets of information and start to schedule. I also like to schedule fun facts and information that my audience will feel is helpful or valuable. Try not post sales messages as they can be irksome instead lead people to valuable and helpful information and include a sales messages at the end or add a lead collection form or other call to action so you don’t miss out on sales.

Most tools such as Hootsuite will now recommend content for you to share, this is great just be aware that lots of people will be sharing the same content and also be aware that if you haven’t read it and the content goes against your values you could be shooting yourself in the foot. One way to get around this is to add the RSS feed of your favourite blogs or information hubs to your scheduling tool – Only do this if you know all of the content will be top notch. This way each time they publish it will be added to your chosen social networks.

Do a search for your favourite industry quotes, facts and inspirations and use these as extra content to share, small snippets of information are very shareable.

What should you not schedule? Generally it’s not good to schedule questions, responses or twitter chats. This is because the aim of social media is to connect with your audience, so although scheduling messages that your audience will enjoy will save you time remember that one of the reasons you are doing it is so you can spend more time interacting with them, thanking them for sharing, replying to messages and asking them questions in the moment. Scheduling on social media will never replace the conversation or the ‘special moments’ we create when we are building relationships.

Scheduling social media in a nutshell:

1. Find a great tool like Hootsuite.

2. Find and curate content from your blog and favourite resources.

3. Use tools like canva to create fun and shareable images.

4. Don’t schedule interactions and conversations.

5. Measure your activity so you can see what worked best so you can be even more productive next week.

The target here is to free up time so you can make new connections, Grow your fan-base and create a really rocking interactive community.

Listen to the DIYDigital podcast – How to schedule your social media activity

Need more free, juicy and delicious content? – Check out my #DIYDigital Marketing Blog and Podcast at

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How to Make Social Media Seem Effortless

Don’t get me wrong, social media marketing for your awesome business, when done properly can be hard work, depending on your product or service. However using social media for business can be really easy and really (shock horror) enjoyable! Don’t believe me? Check out these 5 little hacks for making social media effortless… almost.

1. Be yourself:

When we act in a way that we don’t like or that we think we should act it makes us miserable. We can’t be everything to everyone anyway without losing a part of ourselves so next time you set about engaging on social media or wondering what to write just think to yourself… What would I write if I was ME. You’ll get so much more done just by being yourself and sticking to your own values that it will be effortless!

2. Schedule:

Let’s face it social media is supposed to be about being social, and yes I say it over and over – it’s social media not promotional media! But we run businesses and do have messages to put out there so get a bunch of messages together and just schedule them, it takes minimal effort and frees you up to ^ be your wonderful self – effortless!

3. Competitors Who?:

Don’t obsess over what others are doing, this doesn’t just go for in business it also goes for your personal life – stop checking facebook every five minutes at someone else’s wonderful life and remember it’s probably fake anyway. With social media and business checking out competitors can also be a destructive and time consuming game. ‘Why has so and so got more followers? Why do they get so much interaction?’ Blah blah blah – Drop this right away  – The reason they do have followers and interaction is because they are just being themselves! In fact they are so busy being their wonderful self that they can’t be bothered to waste time checking out competitors. And so for them social media is effortless!

4. Enjoy it:

When we enjoy something we aren’t working right? So how can you enjoy doing social media for your own business so it feels like fun? Be really social, meet new people, reach out to people and start getting friendly, join in with twitter chats and talk to people like you would if you were at a business awards dinner, a networking breakfast or just down the pub. I guess it does all come back to being yourself doesn’t it? – So if you are enjoying this social media malarky you’re not working so that makes it pretty, well… effortless?

5. Aim for the stars(ish):

Having a goal to work towards means you know where you are going and you have a clear road, but that does sound like a lot of effort doesn’t it? It doesn’t have to be especially if your goal is to simply be you, represent your business like you do anyway in the ‘real world’. Or perhaps if you just set mini goals to say what you hope to achieve on a daily basis from your social media and you start achieving these little steps that will feel smashing, won’t it? and if you feel great and smashing targets it going to feel like almost no effort at all!

So, you totally awesome business owner – YOU –  there we have it!

Effortless Social Media In a Nutshell: Make social media work for you by just being YOU, automating it a bit, not worrying about competitors, having a great time and setting and smashing some goals!

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