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Pinterest is NOT a social network! + tips for rocking Pinterest for Biz!


Pinterest is NOT a social network! – This statement came straight from the horses mouth at Social Media Week London. I sat in on the masterclass session presented by Pinterest UK, here’s some of those top tips, i’ve created them for you in shareable images!


Pinterest is NOT a social network!
Pinterest is about planning for the future such as holidays or decorating rooms, even what am I making for dinner tonight but it’s not realtime







2/3 of pins are by brands!
Pinterest really lends itself to brands, pinners are looking to pin things for future purchases and aspirational products.








Ensure your pins click thru to relevant content
When a pinner clicks on your pin they want to be taken to futher information such as blog or product sales page.








Think like a pinner:
Think is this pin or board useful?
Would a pinner save this content?








Create boards with 40+ pins
Scrolling through boards on pinterest is hugely satisfying but when there isn’t much content to scroll through it can leave the pinner/viewer feeling a bit underwhelmed.








Properly label your boards
We tend to be a little quirky with the titles of our boards and forget that we need to be discovered, ensure you properly label your board with what is on it. i.e – ‘Blue front room ideas’ instead of ‘blue and beautiful’

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Tools for a top quality Periscope Stream

Periscope is the next big thing in internet marketing! It gives marketers and business owners the chance to watch live, people all over the world sharing knowledge and experiences. The potential uses are limitless and it’s an exciting move forward for social media and the way we interact with one another.

To get started on Periscope is so easy! The ease of use and accessibility to give and receive awesome content instantly is one of it’s best assets! But how do you ensure you are making your stream look as good as it can? – Even though it’s not all about how it looks! Being authentic and delivering fantastic content is much more important but if you can ensure your video quality is good it makes for an even better viewer experience. I’ve put together some tools and tips to help you do a top quality stream.

Steady camera

In all honesty if you are filming outdoors, you will get some shaky camera, it’s hard to keep it still when you are out and about, one way to keep your phone a little more steady is to use a selfie stick.


Selfie sticks


selfie stickSelfie sticks are a low priced piece of kit, for example this one: Anker Bluetooth Selfie Stick is just £11.99 in the UK








If you are simply stripodsitting at your desk delivering a broadcast, it is hard to be expressive with your hands and keep your camera steady if you are holding your smartphone. A great way to keep your camera steady is to invest in a smartphone tripod. This one is under £10 and comes with the complete kit including a bag and cleaning cloth which is handy if you are out and about. 







Sound is another aspect that affects the quality of your periscope broadcasts. If people are unable to hear you properly or there is excess background noise this can be off putting. Also if your smartphone microphone isn’t great this can also have an impact. Ensure when you broadcast that you are in a quiet environment so that people can hear you clearly. Unfortunately this isn’t always possible especially if you are out and about, one way to ensure you avoid this is to simply use your phone headphones / microphone like the one that comes with your iPhone.


MicrophoneOr you can invest in something similar like these headphones / earphone and mic for less than £20 which will ensures the background noise is cut and people can hear you clearly:






Think about the backdrop of your periscope, ideally if you create a professional environment, you’ll look more professional. A messy kitchen or your laundry room isn’t the best place to do this! Think also about lighting too, if you are in front of a sunny window, half your face may not show, or if you sit below a light this can also happen.

With Livestream connectivity is so important, it’s so annoying when the screen keeps freezing or you look blurry. When you go to scope make sure you are connected to wifi or have a good 4G connection to ensure the best quality broadcast possible.

If you have any questions! Just ask! I am on Periscope @lucyshall and Twitter @lucyshall

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Do’s and Don’ts of Twitter for Business

Twitter for Business

Nearly 70% of businesses use Twitter for Business in order to keep in touch with clients and market their products and services. Not every business though, is using Twitter effectively. In this post I have put together a few do’s and don’ts to help you get off the ground and use your twitter account as effectively as possible.


Be social!

It can be irresistible to simply upload a load of promotional tweets through a scheduling tool and leave Twitter at that, but that won’t get you any real engagement and this strategy adds no value to an audience. Engagement comes from reaching out to people, joining in conversation, asking questions and being present. It’s really important that you remember this when you start using Twitter for business. It’s like walking in to a big room and saying hey i’m here look what I sell – and hoping for the best. Whereas you could walk into the room as start talking to people, asking out about them and building relationships. Try and treat your social networking strategy like you would treat your ‘real world’ strategy and you’ll almost instantly see results and feel less alone on Twitter.


Don’t just share your own content, share others posts and retweet interesting content from people in your network, show that you are able to collaborate. You’ll also find people more willing to share your tweets if you make an effort to share theirs.

Be You!

This may be a business Twitter account but that doesn’t mean you have to be straight laced and inhuman. Instead of simply posting your business or promotional tweets, try to show the lighthearted side of your business. What happens in the print room? or where have the team visited today? People build relationships with real people and not a logo. Remember this when you are planning your content. Show people you are real, and that you are ready to strike up a conversation with them.

Be Consistent

Try to ensure you use twitter regularly, simply posting a heap of tweets one week and then being nowhere to be seen the next show’s you aren’t dedicated to your followers. A simple way to do this is to schedule your posts a week in advance using Hootsuite and ensure you use your smartphone Twitter app to interact with people when they engage with you.


Be Too Random

Before you start posting on twitter, try to have a strategy of in place, even if it’s just a small idea of what you will do. If you are too random, it’s hard to measure your success. You will also find you may post irrelevant content, or share information for the sake of having content on your feed. Also be sure not to tweet about politics or religion from your business account (unless the nature of your business) This can really alienate people if they have a different belief. It can be so easy to simple retweet something from a political party, and this is fine when it’s from your personal account. The best way to put a plan together is to brainstorm content ideas and schedule them in advance and be clear on the type of content your business account should retweet or re-share.

Be Negative

If you are aggravated with a companies customer service try and resist the urge to publicly argue with them over Twitter, especially using your business account, this can seen very negative to your followers and they vibe you want to be giving is a positive one! Similarly if someone is upset with your company and they begin to court you negatively in public, simply deal with it swiftly and publicly rather that deleting them, turn the conversation into a positive one something along the lines of: ‘Sorry to hear that! We would really love to make this right with you. Please DM me now and I will make this a priority’ – This way you are publicly showing you have great customer service.

Be Too Salesy

Try not to be a sleazy sales person who simply tweets out offers and services all day! To say ‘I have this for sale – get it now’ all day long is adding no value and it comes off as a bit desperate! Try instead to answer questions and provide case studies and use the soft social selling technique of offering value and help, this way people will be super warmed up to you when it comes to making a buying decision.

Listen to the audio version:

How to use Twitter (2)

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What is Influencer Marketing? and How do you do it?

Influencer marketing is the art of reaching out to people within your industry or niche with a huge social media influence and getting them to share your content to their large, engaged audience.

The point is that if an influencer shares your content, it’s almost like a recommendation or a leg up. And to have someone so influential in your industry do this, could mean you get loads of exposure for your own products, services or content to exactly the right audience, recommended by someone who they really look up to.

There are several ways to go about influencer marketing, here are some ideas:

Ask for Retweets on twitter by reaching out directly and publicly, this isn’t that much of a nuisance to them just make sure the content is relevant and of interest to your target influencer.

Write a blog post about your influencer or influencers, that is helpful for your reader yet includes a little ego stroking for your target influencer.

Write or vlog about a recent article your influencer has written and explain why their views are so important for your audience.

Meet your influencer in real life! – This may be a little harder but if you go to industry conferences you are likely to bump into that big publication or top journalist in your industry, talk to them, connect and share an image of you together on social media, this is a great way to connect offline and online and then make that social media connection (This happened to me! Deborah Meadon – Dragons Den – Has retweeted me! and said i’m so good at social media!) – This can give you and your business and credibility a huge boost.

Start small and work your way up. Start with your local news outlet or niche publications and when the time is right to reach out to the Richard Branson’s, you’ll know!

Be resilient, it can take time to get influencers to notice you. Keep posting great content, share your views with influencers and always thank them when they do share your content. Don’t be too desperate or overly spammy! This is a one way ticket to getting yourself blocked or called a stalker.





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What is Growth Hacking?

Are you curious about growth hacking? Have you spent time on social media and seen this buzz word being banded about like nobodies business? – Unfortunately marketers like buzz words but that’s no good for small business owners and those starting out in online marketing, it can be confusing when you are simply trying to understand the basics and cut through the noise. So I am going to take the time to explain some of these marketing buzz terms for you! So what is ‘Growth Hacking in plain english?’…

Growth Hacking is a buzz word meaning to hack or to cheat the system for growth, so you don’t have to spend the time doing monotonous jobs like growing a blog organically or slowly. Basically it’s taking a fast route to where you need to get, like getting a huge social media following fast or getting thousands of viewers to your blog quickly by creating a system that well.. ‘cheats the system’.

Growth hacking is where you can find a fast process or system for success for growth but very quickly. Normally to grow your business fast by finding a quick route to selling more products or services with social media or online marketing. There are real people out there who do ‘growth hacking’ as a real job. They aren’t meant to replace your whole marketing strategy but find ways to help you get there quickly and grow quickly which for a start up can be essential. The aim of a growth hacker is to help you grow your business and quickly using various systems and strategies. The growth hacker may analyse campaign results and rinse and repeat over again until the desired result is achieved.

Growth hacking is a good thing (in my opinion), for me it takes the wishy washy out of online marketing and leaves you with a goal in mind that you must achieve fast to grow your business quickly.

Further reading? – check out this guide: The Definitive Guide to Growth Hacking via Quick Sprout


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Top Tips for An Awesome Periscope Broadcast

Live broadcast / Periscope is such a great tool for your personal brand and business and it is even better if you use it right. I have put together a few tips to ensure you give an awesome broadcast on Periscope and make a great impact for yourself and your amazing business.

Your Profile

Ensure your profile is completed, include your website link, emojis (not necessary but the make your profile more fun and help you stand out) and keep it relevant to you and your target audience. This was you can refer people to your profile during the broadcast and to the link through to your website, this way they can go and sign up for your list or find out more about you.

Do Not Disturb 

It’s so annoying when your phone rings during a periscope broadcast! It stops your broadcast temporarily and the screen gets stuck! If you stick your phone on do not disturb you’ll be prepared for an unexpected call!

Catchy and Relevant Titles

Make your Periscope Titles stand out by adding some emojis  (okay you don’t have to but emojis do look great and take up way less space than text!) Ensure your title is relevant to the content of your broadcast, if you are talking about your workout then title it like: ‘Workout with me’

Short and Sweet

No offence guys but our attention span is less than that of a fish! So keep your broadcasts short. It’s not a rule that you have to follow because you can go where your audience takes you. If they are enjoying what you have to say or show, then keep going by all means but don’t milk your audience too much because you could end up boring them.

To show your face or not?

The camera shy amongst us may find it hard to do a periscope broadcast face on so you can try doing one showing your work or place you go to have fun, just be sure to talk and explain what’s happening. Ensure you speak clearly if you aren’t showing your face so people can grasp what you are saying.

If you are doing a face to camera broadcast ensure you be yourself, don’t be stiff, enjoy it, ask questions, answer questions and relax, it’s live so if you feel anxious your audience may pick up on it. Having said that the fist few scopes everyone does are a bit dodge, embrace that! it’s much more fun!

Multi Task 

When you scope be prepared for an influx of questions and hearts, sometimes questions come in whilst you are speaking and you can lose your train of thought and forget the question you just read. Sometimes the questions come in quickly and you can miss a lot, the best thing to do is say you’ll answer one at a time and ask them to ask the question again if you missed it. People like the fact that you are human so don’t pretend you are superhuman and can do everything.


Be Authentic, Be You!

Show your viewers your world, take them to your fave places as well as work related periscopes because it helps to show your human side, we build relationships with real people at the end of the day. Building real relationships is a great way to open your network and get you more advocates.

Be Interactive 

Ask your followers to take action, to ask questions or to go to your website and get your free download / join your mail list. The more people you are interacting with you are the more chance you have of having a great scope and building those all important relationships.

Repurpose your Scopes 

Periscope broadcasts stay on the app for no longer than 24 hours. You are able to save them to your phone and do what you like with them, such as upload to YouTube and Facebook. You could even embed on your blog and write the content up.

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I’m launching a new online course! Getting started with Periscope – The 30 day challenge! – Register your interest below and i’ll notify you when it launches.

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Periscope Live Broadcast V’s Pre Recorded Video

Video, whatever way you look at is so powerful for getting your message across, people prefer to watch than read through long drawn out blogs. Many people are also too busy to read long blog posts yet can watch or listen to your video whilst multitasking. Periscope live stream is like recorded video because it can be viewed again and again within 24 hours via the app and afterwards using tools such as, having said that LIVE video broadcasting is more powerful than normal, pre recorded video, here’s why:

It’s Right now and It’s Real Time

Do you sometimes watch videos and just think, this looks all a bit, well.. false? A bit too rehearsed? You don’t get this with live broadcasting on Periscope, it’s right now, it’s realtime, it’s quirky, it’s unexpected. Live broadcast makes you seem more human. There’s no hiding, or practicing 100 times to get the right look or angle and the content comes across like it should, like you are having a conversation. With Live broadcasting people can expect the unexpected, you never know when they’ll be a ‘peri-bomb’ (where someone literally jumps on your scope – normally animals and small children!) But that’s all part of the fun and the real – authenticity of delivering content through live broadcast. It’s certainly a lot more fun and entertaining.

Live interaction with your audience!

Periscope is a two way conversation unlike pre recorded video. People can comment and ask you questions in real time and you can respond instantly live. Your video broadcast becomes more real, authentic, relevant and in the moment whereas by the time you’ve delivered and edited pre recorded video it may be dated and viewers may not feel compelled to comment or share.

Periscope Live Broadcasting is Easy

You need a smartphone and the Periscope app! Then you just press the record button and you are ready to go live! That’s it. If you have followers and great titles and content you could have thousands of views throughout 1 video! You can also save the video to upload to you tube later, people are also able to comment and share the video on periscope for up to 24 hours.  This makes live broadcasting easy for everyone, you can be anywhere at anytime and have just a phone and a decent 3/4g connection or wifi and you can go live. You don’t have to be somewhere special with the special lighting and equipment, Periscope is not about that, it’s about making a connection with your audience. With pre recorded video there is so much more to think about!

Pre recorded video will always have great benefits but live broadcasting is so much more powerful, authentic and engaging. Plus it’s free! no pre production or post production costs and very little messing about.

I’m launching a new online course! Getting started with Periscope – The 30 day challenge! – Register your interest below and i’ll notify you when it launches.

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Save time with these social media automation hacks

Social media needn’t be so time consuming! There are plenty of tools out there that you can use to help you save heaps of time. I know that it can be a bit taboo to use automation but it shouldn’t be. Let me explain…

Social media is about being social yes! If you are using social media for business you also need to make it cost effective and if you are spending days a week on social media when you could be working on your business something needs to be done. Also if you are spending hours per week on social media admin then you aren’t spending as much time as you should be actually being social. Enter IFTTT (If This Then That). IFTTT is an application which links up your social media platforms and devices, Google Calendar, Evernote in fact just about anything! (Completely free).(you may also like this hootsuite bulk scheduling hack!)

With ITTT you can choose recipes that help you to streamline your online activities. For example, if you are following a particular hashtag you can use the: build a twitter list from a specific hashtag recipe. You know how long it takes to build lists for specific hashtags or users so you can track them or even target them with ads later? Well here is your hack! Here’s that recipe:

IFTTT Recipe: Build a Twitter List from a specific #hashtag connects twitter to twitter

Another recipe I like is the tweet your Instagram photos as native images. You know how when you share your Instagram to Twitter it appears as a link? Well now you can have your Instagram upload automatically to twitter as a native image. Here’s the recipe:

IFTTT Recipe: Automatically post your Instagrams as Twitter photos connects instagram to twitter

There are so many recipes you can use! Each time someone mentions you they can be added to a list. You can welcome new followers and say hi. Create a content calendar in google and have your content tweeted on automatic days. Say happy birthday to your friends and so on! If you can spend a day setting up some recipes for success you could save hours per week on social media admin which frees you up to well… BE MORE SOCIAL!

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Why You Need To Create Killer Blog Content (+ How)

Killer blog content

In this post I will give you some ideas on why you should create killer blog content! as well as some ideas on how to create Killer blog content!

And this is all about content because having a great looking blog is just not good enough. To start growing your email list, your community and get more targeted traffic you need some really great, valuable content.

They Say Content is King….

What is content? Well generally content is writing and generally online writing is blogging. This is the content we are most likely looking for and find when searching on google. We use blog posts to get opinions, facts, reviews and entertainment. So by adding more good quality and targeted content to your website means we’ll give people a good incentive to visit the website and to come back to your website or blog.

There are so many more reasons that killer content is important! Take SEO for example – search engines work by matching search terms to content via a website (This is not the only variable used, Google has a complex algorithm). The more killer content you have, the more chance you have of being found in search. Of course, your content must be targeted at the audience you want to reach. It should answer a question, entertain or provide value.  The more targeted your content is the more chance you’ll have of being found for relevant search queries.

Content Marketing

Having Killer blog content is crucial to a good content marketing campaign. Content marketing is a form of marketing that revolves around creating great content and in this instance great content via your blog.

The best way to approach content marketing is to update your website regularly with killer content, great articles and valuable information that solves a problem. If you do this you’ll start to gain advocates of your work who will read and share your content again and again. They may also subscribe to your mail list and bookmark your page.
Content marketing also allows you to show your expertise on a subject, you can answer frequently asked questions, solve a problem or offer true thought leadership on the subject of your choosing. By doing this you’ll start to gain respect in your industry, people will seek you out to read your work, recommend you and feel like you aren’t selling to them but genuinely offering great advice or assistance. As an off shoot of this you’ll gain audience trust meaning that you’ll be able to sell more easily when the time arrises.

Killer blog content is an important part of your social media marketing (it goes hand in hand really! Content marketing works best when sharing through social media). When you share great content on social media, people see it, share it and you also gain more followers and more advocates for your brand or personality. –

[Tweet “Content is King and Social Media is Queen. “]

The success of your blog really does depend on the content you add to it! So start creating killer blog content today by adding value, answering questions and providing a solution to your target audience.

( If you want to know more about blogging, my course Blogging for Success will be enrolling soon. More info.)

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Getting Started With Facebook Ads

In this post I will give you an overview of Facebook Ads, how they work and a quick guide to get you started.

Facebook is HUGE! It’s the largest social media site on the planet with over 1.3 billion users. A large proportion (64%) of those users login every single day. So how can you take a advantage of these numbers to gain more exposure for your own business?

Using Facebook Ads is a great place to start!

One of the best reasons to use Facebook Ads is that they are so accessible, they are easy to create and there is so much information out there to help you get it just right. When creating a Facebook Ad you can create specific target audiences by filtering by demographics, interests and geographical location.

Facebook ads types screen grab
Facebook Ads create the perfect opportunity for start ups and small businesses to get access to exact audiences very quickly and for very little money.

Here are some tips to help you get started:

Types of Facebook Ads:

To start you must have a Facebook business page (this is free to set up if you don’t yet have one)

Then you can start to create an ad. If you wish, you can create an ad aimed at generating more likes to your page or to generate more traffic to your website. If you are running an event you can also create an ad to publicise your event page on Facebook.

Facebook ads can be bought per click (CPC) or (CPI) this means that you pay per click through or amount of impressions your ad generates. The amount you pay per click and per thousand impressions depends on the competition in your niche.

There are currently 10 types of advertising categories on Facebook these are:

Facebook Ads Types

To set up your ad, simply go to 

Then follow the very simple instructions. Ads require you to include text, images and a description. You’ll get a set number of characters and your image should be of specific size. Make sure your image doesn’t have more than 20% text covering the image or your ad will not be approved. Make sure you create a catchy and clickable title to get people to click.

The biggest tip I can give you here is to set a budget and work out what ROI you would need to make it work. For example if you are selling products at £1.99 each and you are paying £1.oo per click this would mean you would probably not be making a profit. However if you are selling product for £100 each then £1 per targeted click would be a great return on investment.

[Tweet “Ensure that you customise your ads and test them on different audiences with different messages until you crack it! #FacebookAds”]

You can do all kinds of exciting targeting and re targeting campaigns once you have the basics down.

One of the great benefits of Facebook ads marketing is that you get access to a really powerful analytics tool called Page Insights, this gives you an idea how well your ads are performing, what’s working and what’s not. You’ll be able to see how many people see your ads, how many clicks you’ve received, fan page like growth and more. When you know what’s working and what’s not you can delve in more and start to create some really fantastic campaigns based on trial and error, until you hit the sweet spot and are continuously getting it right.

I would also recommend you watch the Facebook Video: How Facebook Ads Work

You can also get loads of advice from Facebook themselves at Facebook Business 

Have you started using a Facebook Ads yet? I would love to hear your case studies.

Do you want to learn more about Facebook Marketing? Would you like to know EVERYTHING you need to know about Facebook marketing in order to grow your business or personal brand? Then you’ll love my new online course – Facebook Success Academy – Starting on the 31st August – Enrolling now. 


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