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Pinterest is NOT a social network! + tips for rocking Pinterest for Biz!


Pinterest is NOT a social network! – This statement came straight from the horses mouth at Social Media Week London. I sat in on the masterclass session presented by Pinterest UK, here’s some of those top tips, i’ve created them for you in shareable images!


Pinterest is NOT a social network!
Pinterest is about planning for the future such as holidays or decorating rooms, even what am I making for dinner tonight but it’s not realtime







2/3 of pins are by brands!
Pinterest really lends itself to brands, pinners are looking to pin things for future purchases and aspirational products.








Ensure your pins click thru to relevant content
When a pinner clicks on your pin they want to be taken to futher information such as blog or product sales page.








Think like a pinner:
Think is this pin or board useful?
Would a pinner save this content?








Create boards with 40+ pins
Scrolling through boards on pinterest is hugely satisfying but when there isn’t much content to scroll through it can leave the pinner/viewer feeling a bit underwhelmed.








Properly label your boards
We tend to be a little quirky with the titles of our boards and forget that we need to be discovered, ensure you properly label your board with what is on it. i.e – ‘Blue front room ideas’ instead of ‘blue and beautiful’

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What is Influencer Marketing? and How do you do it?

Influencer marketing is the art of reaching out to people within your industry or niche with a huge social media influence and getting them to share your content to their large, engaged audience.

The point is that if an influencer shares your content, it’s almost like a recommendation or a leg up. And to have someone so influential in your industry do this, could mean you get loads of exposure for your own products, services or content to exactly the right audience, recommended by someone who they really look up to.

There are several ways to go about influencer marketing, here are some ideas:

Ask for Retweets on twitter by reaching out directly and publicly, this isn’t that much of a nuisance to them just make sure the content is relevant and of interest to your target influencer.

Write a blog post about your influencer or influencers, that is helpful for your reader yet includes a little ego stroking for your target influencer.

Write or vlog about a recent article your influencer has written and explain why their views are so important for your audience.

Meet your influencer in real life! – This may be a little harder but if you go to industry conferences you are likely to bump into that big publication or top journalist in your industry, talk to them, connect and share an image of you together on social media, this is a great way to connect offline and online and then make that social media connection (This happened to me! Deborah Meadon – Dragons Den – Has retweeted me! and said i’m so good at social media!) – This can give you and your business and credibility a huge boost.

Start small and work your way up. Start with your local news outlet or niche publications and when the time is right to reach out to the Richard Branson’s, you’ll know!

Be resilient, it can take time to get influencers to notice you. Keep posting great content, share your views with influencers and always thank them when they do share your content. Don’t be too desperate or overly spammy! This is a one way ticket to getting yourself blocked or called a stalker.





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What is Growth Hacking?

Are you curious about growth hacking? Have you spent time on social media and seen this buzz word being banded about like nobodies business? – Unfortunately marketers like buzz words but that’s no good for small business owners and those starting out in online marketing, it can be confusing when you are simply trying to understand the basics and cut through the noise. So I am going to take the time to explain some of these marketing buzz terms for you! So what is ‘Growth Hacking in plain english?’…

Growth Hacking is a buzz word meaning to hack or to cheat the system for growth, so you don’t have to spend the time doing monotonous jobs like growing a blog organically or slowly. Basically it’s taking a fast route to where you need to get, like getting a huge social media following fast or getting thousands of viewers to your blog quickly by creating a system that well.. ‘cheats the system’.

Growth hacking is where you can find a fast process or system for success for growth but very quickly. Normally to grow your business fast by finding a quick route to selling more products or services with social media or online marketing. There are real people out there who do ‘growth hacking’ as a real job. They aren’t meant to replace your whole marketing strategy but find ways to help you get there quickly and grow quickly which for a start up can be essential. The aim of a growth hacker is to help you grow your business and quickly using various systems and strategies. The growth hacker may analyse campaign results and rinse and repeat over again until the desired result is achieved.

Growth hacking is a good thing (in my opinion), for me it takes the wishy washy out of online marketing and leaves you with a goal in mind that you must achieve fast to grow your business quickly.

Further reading? – check out this guide: The Definitive Guide to Growth Hacking via Quick Sprout


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Blogging to build your business (30 day challenge review)

Blogging CAN grow your business, it’s true. I write this after completing the amazing 30 day blogging challenge with Sarah Arrow (The blogging queen) at Sark EMedia.

As an online marketer I know already the benefits of blogging for business but until I embarked on the blogging challenge to create my own content daily for 30 days did I realise exactly how powerful blogging is. If I am honest I didn’t complete 30 posts in 30 days! It took me more like 90 days! But having said that it’s been immense for me. Not only have I grown my blog traffic, gained business enquiries but I’ve also been published in various business magazines and website. If that’s not enough, i’ve learned so much too.

The truth is it was so good for me I am going in for a second round. The great thing about taking a blogging challenge is that it get’s you writing and get’s you into a routine. If you thought you couldn’t come up with 30 posts in 30 days let alone 30 posts in a year you are very very wrong! Under Sarah’s expert guidance you will do it!

How does it work? – Sign up here (it’s free)

Each day you’ll get an email with more expert marketing and blogging advice from Sarah Arrow. You are also invited to become a member of the 30 day blogging challenge facebook group. Once inside, each day you post your blogs you have written and if you’d like to, encourage and comment on others blogs. The community is awesome too!

So there it is! My short and sweet review of the blogging challenge – which you can join here  – When I say it changed my business life – I meant it! – At the end of the day we all have something to say, here’s your chance to release that information in a supportive and collaborate environment.

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The Perfect Post Length For Social Media and Your Blog?

In this post we will look at the perfect post length for social media and your blog.


So what is that perfect post length?


Firstly let me just say that there isn’t ‘really any ‘ideal’ anything! And it certainly does depend on your industry, your community, audience and customer demographic. However there are some stats out there, which give us some guidelines to help us decide the perfect post length for each platform or post.


Let’s look at each network independently:


Twitter – 100 Characters


The perfect Twitter post length, is 100 characters! Apparently according to Twitters guidelines they say that Tweets with 100 or less characters enjoy 17% more engagement! – On Twitter: Keep it short, keep it sweet.


Buddy Media carried out some research that supports this claim (sort of) they found that retweets peak for tweets of 100 characters while longer tweets do better than shorter. Therefore 100 characters is certainly the ultimate tweet spot! Nothing more and nothing less.


Facebook – 40 Characters


Short and sweet seems to be preferred on Facebook too! Funnily enough even though there isn’t a character limit on Facebook, it seems that 40 characters or less seem to do best! Social Media, Superstar Jeff Bullas carried out some research on brands using facebook. He found that short posts especially posts under 40 characters received 86% more engagement!


This sort of makes sense though doesn’t it? People are in a rush; there is a lot of content on social media and especially so on Facebook. If they can read and share quickly then it’s easier for them. But if your content is really long people may not have the time or patience to read the whole thing!


Google+ – 60 Character Headline


If you wish to avoid truncated text on Google+ your headline should be less than 100 characters. However this is also some value in using long headlines in G+ as it could seem more enticing especially as click bait. I would recommended that you find the right balance and experiment a bit with both long and short headlines. Your first sentence will show in the Google+ search so try and take advantage with making this irresistibly clickable for your readers.


Instagram 11+ Hashtags


For more Instagram interaction 11+ hashtags seem to be the hotspot! And the funny thing with Instagram is that the more hashtags you use the better! So don’t be shy of the #!


Blog – 1600 words


Your blog is a little different from social media but your social media and blog should be used together to help with content marketing (or getting your blog content read as much as possible!) Medium the newspaper type content aggregation site suggest that posts with around 1600 words seem to get the most attention and the average reader gets through this content within about 7 minutes. So having a more in depth post means you’ll capture peoples attention more and get those people to stick around on your blog a bit longer!


What do you think? – Will you be experimenting with your social media and blog post lengths?


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What is Periscope? Is it a Time Killer or a Big Opportunity?

If you live on this planet you would have heard about Twitters brand new acquisition which launched recently – Periscope. So what is periscope?

Periscope is a live video broadcasting App which is available in the Apple App Store. It works by a user starting a live video broadcast using their iPhone camera. You simply need a good wifi or 4G connection and and iPhone to get started. It works like any other social network in the way that you can follow people and others can also follow you. You will see on user profiles both a follower and following count as well as a number of hearts the user has received.


Whilst a broadcast is taking place other users can ask live questions which appear on the screen for all to see. You are able to respond by talking during your broadcast and replying to questions instantly. Also during a live broadcast you’ll see loads of animated, colourful love hearts appearing in the bottom right hand corner, these are caused by other users tapping the screen and showing their love for your broadcast, these hearts then tally up and appear on your profile page. It’s almost like the more hearts you have, the more popular you are. This is also very obviously a social network, you can connect, comment and share with others in your network. When your broadcast goes live you can also choose wether to alert your twitter followers that it’s happening! – This is a great way to move some of your community over and see you on a more personal level. The broadcast is also still available for 1 day after it has ended so users are able to watch again.

I love this app / social network but is is it a time wasting activity? or is there real opportunity to leverage your business or personal brand through this live broadcasting app. I think both.

Reasons Periscope could be great for business:

If you are an individual or a business then periscope could help you interact with your community in a whole new way, you could broadcast daily expert tips, do Q&A sessions and show a more human side to you and your brand.

Each time you do a broadcast you have the option to save it to your camera roll. This is a great opportunity to create extra content for your other social networks, this could be a live Q&A session you recorded or even just a tutorial you made.

If you already make videos for facebook or you tube, you’ll know it takes a long time to edit and prepare a great quality video on a daily basis, which also puts many people off doing it. That’s all gone now! Because now you can simply start a live broadcast off the cuff, if you know your stuff and you can take the question or simply can talk with confidence ad hoc without any prep then this could really help save you time as well as open you up to a whole new group of people.

If you are a publisher or a blogger, you could use it to live broadcast an interviewwith someone.

If you aren’t a publisher you could live broadcast an interview or anything, you become the publisher, you become the brand, you become the TV star! The possibilities make a social media, community manager like me literally squeal with excitement!

I have put together a list of ideas as to what you could use periscope for here – Which may help give you some inspiration to give it a try!

Reasons why Periscope is a time sap:

There are just lots of people from around the world showing off where they live, what they had for dinner. There are even people broadcasting their whole night sleep! and you know what, it’s just totally addictive, its like watching mindless TV. The fact it’s real, these are real people doing real things takes Big Brother to a whole new level. So join and get involved but remember it’s fun and highly addictive!

When I did my first broadcast I was hooked! It was a review of a new local restaurant for a local paper and we had questions from the crowd, it was great fun and a new way of doing things but it could have gone on forever, users keep asking questions and you feel obliged to answer, so you could be streaming for a long time!

Periscope is a bit like Pringles, once you pop you just can’t stop, that’s what I found anyway. So far i’ve introduced the world to my cat, chatted about social media, done a Q&A session and made people watch me make a cup of coffee – all this is 24 hours. It’s a riot! But it’s very time consuming.

So how can use Periscope for business reasons without getting to distracted?

In all honesty for a while I think it’s going to sap time as it’s a facinating new, shiny, thingy! But as with any social media or marketing activites we undertake, if we have a plan of action or a strategy we can focus once again!

Treat it like your daily blog post and do a daily Q&A session at the same time each day or do a live show each day. Set the topics in advance. Put together an editorial calendar.

But also do make time to watch some video’s as this is where the social networking side happens, when you are commenting and replying to other videos, use your personality to build new connections, you can double tap a name to connect with people and the more people connecting means the more people watching.

Do this and I am sure with your knowledge and expertise, great plan of action and a measurable plan, you’ll soon be rocking periscope without wasting any valuable time.

What do you think? Have you used Periscope or will you be now that you know more? – Couldn’t think of anything worse? Whatever your view i’d love to hear from you comment below so we can have a jolly debate!

Get free eBooks and other stuff that will help you do social media and digital marketing like a pro yourself! Yes it is possible – see:

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What you could use Periscope for?



I have to admit, I used Periscope for the first time tonight and I just LOVED it! What a mind bending and awesome experience.

What is periscope?

It’s a live video social network! It’s an app  – Find everything out here

Tonight myself and colleague went to a press party at an opening of a new Italian restaurant in a Kentish town called Maidstone so we could review it for an online mag, so I jumped on Periscope, I thought it would be a great idea to show people how the new restaurant looks etc. We got chatting and I interviewed the manager live, it was spontaneous but he loved it and was a big hit! This sort of thing is really useful for the readers, they can see how friendly staff are, how the food was and what the new restaurant look was like.

So it got me thinking, what other things could small businesses use periscope for that helps raise your profile and show what you’ve got?

So here’s my bullet list brain dump – there’s no explanation so you must use your imagination to fill in the blanks:


Ask the Expert

Tea Time wit.. (Q&A – Session)

Shop Tour

Office Tour

How to do (anything here)

Caption competition

Challenge (your name here)

Daily show

What is this….

Behind the scenes at

Question of the day

Tip of the day

How to cook a…

How to make the perfect…

Live gig

Live comedy

Fill in the blanks

Thought of the day

Virtual live tour

What’s inside?…

How does this work

Why does this work

How to do a…

Whats the difference between a ___ and a  _____

What does a ___ really look like

The list could go on! Have you tired Periscope? What would you add to this list?


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