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How to create better livestream video content for business

Most of us just won’t have a great deal of experience with livestream.. just yet! It’s been just over a year after all since the live-streaming sites became popular. We are all still learning what works and what doesn’t – BUT. If only someone could give you a lift and a few ideas as to how to create better content for your livetream. Just the fundamentals.. It’s all new and can be bit daunting to think you’ll need to get on camera, let alone know what to do to make your stream look professional.

Livestreaming may be new but video is not! Many of you will say to me: But I haven’t even made a Vlog or recorded video yet! Well, not to worry – Youtube has been about for years and years and so has recorded video so we do know that the things we’ve learned from recorded video can be replicated for livestream such as the type of content that gets reach and so on. There are however a few differences and best practices. So let’s explore those here and look at how you can create better live content for Facebook Live, Periscope or whatever live streaming network works for you!

Good 4G/ Broadband connection.

With recorded video you don’t need to worry about your connection. You record, edit and upload and with livestream this is not the case. You’ll need a decent connection for live streaming. Waiting for a decent connection, means your stream will be uninterrupted and will be much clearer and professional (Picture it… You sitting there saying.. Hey guy’s: Can you see me.. can you hear me? – Does not look great on the playback! and looks a bit dodgy live too)

Say hi!

Make sure you are greeting your viewers when you are livestreaming, on periscope and facebook live you can see who is entering your livestreams, so say hi and just acknowledge them, this really helps you to build a relationship with your audience and brings conversation into your livestream video – which again is something you can’t do in realtime on recorded videos. As soon as you start including people in your content, they become active participants and not just viewers, this is a very fast way to build new connections and relationships.

Create some structure

Try not to just go live with no reason or message. Think about structuring your stream, even if just a little. Ensure there is a point to what you are doing or saying. Start by coming up with a topic idea such as you would with a blog or vlog but ask yourself how you will deliver this and how you will structure it, will you be answering questions at the end? And is there a call to action? It may be that you are simply showing behind the scenes at a venue for your event, just think about why you are doing it and what sort of result or reaction you wish to achieve. Look, live is live, things go wrong or not as planned! So no need for a rigid structure but a little idea of what you want and why you want it will go a long way! – Likewise if you are too structured you may as well record a youtube video…. it’s about getting that balance right.


When delivering your live content, it’s really important that you remember that not everyone comes in from the start to watch your livestream! Ensure you regularly recap on what you have discussed and ensure you continue to greet new people who join in. It’s as simple as saying, hi… We’ve been discussing (insert topic here) and so far I’ve said this, and now we are going to talk about that! It’s not rocket science but you should be letting your viewers / participants know whats been covered so they don’t get confused and leave.

So without much ado… get your phone out and go live..
For more content on livestreaming and social media check out and our new membership website with heaps of video training at

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Tools for a top quality Periscope Stream

Periscope is the next big thing in internet marketing! It gives marketers and business owners the chance to watch live, people all over the world sharing knowledge and experiences. The potential uses are limitless and it’s an exciting move forward for social media and the way we interact with one another.

To get started on Periscope is so easy! The ease of use and accessibility to give and receive awesome content instantly is one of it’s best assets! But how do you ensure you are making your stream look as good as it can? – Even though it’s not all about how it looks! Being authentic and delivering fantastic content is much more important but if you can ensure your video quality is good it makes for an even better viewer experience. I’ve put together some tools and tips to help you do a top quality stream.

Steady camera

In all honesty if you are filming outdoors, you will get some shaky camera, it’s hard to keep it still when you are out and about, one way to keep your phone a little more steady is to use a selfie stick.


Selfie sticks


selfie stickSelfie sticks are a low priced piece of kit, for example this one: Anker Bluetooth Selfie Stick is just £11.99 in the UK








If you are simply stripodsitting at your desk delivering a broadcast, it is hard to be expressive with your hands and keep your camera steady if you are holding your smartphone. A great way to keep your camera steady is to invest in a smartphone tripod. This one is under £10 and comes with the complete kit including a bag and cleaning cloth which is handy if you are out and about. 







Sound is another aspect that affects the quality of your periscope broadcasts. If people are unable to hear you properly or there is excess background noise this can be off putting. Also if your smartphone microphone isn’t great this can also have an impact. Ensure when you broadcast that you are in a quiet environment so that people can hear you clearly. Unfortunately this isn’t always possible especially if you are out and about, one way to ensure you avoid this is to simply use your phone headphones / microphone like the one that comes with your iPhone.


MicrophoneOr you can invest in something similar like these headphones / earphone and mic for less than £20 which will ensures the background noise is cut and people can hear you clearly:






Think about the backdrop of your periscope, ideally if you create a professional environment, you’ll look more professional. A messy kitchen or your laundry room isn’t the best place to do this! Think also about lighting too, if you are in front of a sunny window, half your face may not show, or if you sit below a light this can also happen.

With Livestream connectivity is so important, it’s so annoying when the screen keeps freezing or you look blurry. When you go to scope make sure you are connected to wifi or have a good 4G connection to ensure the best quality broadcast possible.

If you have any questions! Just ask! I am on Periscope @lucyshall and Twitter @lucyshall

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How to Create Better Content for Your Periscope Streams

Content for Your Periscope Streams

Periscope, although it’s been here since March is still so new. In terms of the perfect periscope live stream, there really is no silver bullet. But Periscope is still so new that we can continue to see what works and what doesn’t by simply jumping on our smartphone and going live. Having said that we could all benefit from a few pointers when it comes to making our live Periscope content better. In this post i’ll give you a few pointers on how to create better content for your Periscope streams.

Be Social and Engage!

Don’t make the mistake of not engaging with your audience. Periscope is interactive and at it’s heart is the ability for the streamer to get instant feedback, reply and engage with viewers. If you ignore your audience it can make your scope feel a bit ‘all about you’ or seem like you don’t care to interact If you just talk and don’t interact then you may as well be doing a you tube vlog or pre recorded video. The heart of Periscope is that it’s a social network so be social and engage! A simple way to do this is to welcome your viewers when they come into your broadcast, ask questions throughout and answer their questions and thank them for being there.

Be Present

Periscope live broadcast is very different from recorded video in the way that there are people entering live all the way through. This means they won’t see your intro at the beginning of your broadcast, meaning they may not know what you are talking about and what you are all about, especially if they have stumbled on your broadcast rather than being a follower. Bear this in mind and make sure you are present at all times, by this I mean understand the people you are talking to and stop for a quick summary every so often.

Be on Topic

When you put the broadcast title into periscope and press ‘Start Broadcast’ then ideally you should stick to this topic throughout the scope. Again to reinforce the last message, people are coming in all the way through so if you are talking about mindfulness in the workplace for example and new people come in and see you talking about chicken nuggets, they may feel a bit disappointed!
Another great reason to stay on topic and share your own expertise is that your followers will get an idea of the type of great quality content they can expect, time and again.

In Summary, if you ensure you are sociable and engage with your audience, you are there in the moment with them rather than just talking at them and you stick to the topics that are in your field of expertise this should lead to a great quality periscope broadcast!

– Let me know how you got on! – I am on periscope @lucyshall and Twitter @lucyshall – feel free to ask any any questions!

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Doing Your First Periscope Broadcast

If you are a Periscope Newbie and haven’t yet done your first scope, it may seem a little scary to start talking in front of a camera for all to see! It can be a bit frightening and overwhelming since it’s live, you may feel exposed and nervous. Periscope Live streaming is very different from other social media platforms in the way that it’s live and instant, if you can crack your nerves, you’ll find this platform very useful for building new connections and growing your audience base. But where do you start? This post aims to help you get set up and help you be more confident to start using periscope.

Set Up

Setting up your Periscope account is the best way to start! – Simply install the app on your phone. The set up process is very easy and self explanatory, like most social media. You will also need to decide if you’ll sign up through your Twitter account and use the same name as there or create an account from scratch. You will also have the opportunity to add your bio and a web address.

Take a Looks around

Check out some other scopes before you begin so you get an idea of how it all works and what other people are doing. This is also a great way to start meeting new people and building up some initial followers.
How do you start Periscoping?

It’s so easy! Again,  to reiterate just how simple it is to get started! Just add a description of  your surroundings or the content you will be sharing and start streaming! Make sure you use a title that explains well what content you will be showing and include hashtags. It can be really daunting when you first go live, if this is the case a test can help – you are able to make your broadcast private and practice. To understand how it will look and the workings of the controls could really help with your confidence before you do your first real live public live-stream.

If you use the hashtag #firstscope on your first live broadcast people will know it’s your first and will understand the pressures you have! Everyone had to do a first periscope once, so most people know what it’s like.

Finally, from experience I can say that having done 100+ periscopes that the more you get on and do it the better your shows get. Be yourself and don’t make it too polished, it’s live, it’s authentic and it’s an opportunity for people to build relationships with the ‘real you’ and thats why in essence Periscope works so well.

Good Luck! You’ll be great!

You’ll find me @lucyshall on Periscope and Twitter and i’m always happy to answer any questions or give some moral support.

Listen to the audio version:

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Top Tips for An Awesome Periscope Broadcast

Live broadcast / Periscope is such a great tool for your personal brand and business and it is even better if you use it right. I have put together a few tips to ensure you give an awesome broadcast on Periscope and make a great impact for yourself and your amazing business.

Your Profile

Ensure your profile is completed, include your website link, emojis (not necessary but the make your profile more fun and help you stand out) and keep it relevant to you and your target audience. This was you can refer people to your profile during the broadcast and to the link through to your website, this way they can go and sign up for your list or find out more about you.

Do Not Disturb 

It’s so annoying when your phone rings during a periscope broadcast! It stops your broadcast temporarily and the screen gets stuck! If you stick your phone on do not disturb you’ll be prepared for an unexpected call!

Catchy and Relevant Titles

Make your Periscope Titles stand out by adding some emojis  (okay you don’t have to but emojis do look great and take up way less space than text!) Ensure your title is relevant to the content of your broadcast, if you are talking about your workout then title it like: ‘Workout with me’

Short and Sweet

No offence guys but our attention span is less than that of a fish! So keep your broadcasts short. It’s not a rule that you have to follow because you can go where your audience takes you. If they are enjoying what you have to say or show, then keep going by all means but don’t milk your audience too much because you could end up boring them.

To show your face or not?

The camera shy amongst us may find it hard to do a periscope broadcast face on so you can try doing one showing your work or place you go to have fun, just be sure to talk and explain what’s happening. Ensure you speak clearly if you aren’t showing your face so people can grasp what you are saying.

If you are doing a face to camera broadcast ensure you be yourself, don’t be stiff, enjoy it, ask questions, answer questions and relax, it’s live so if you feel anxious your audience may pick up on it. Having said that the fist few scopes everyone does are a bit dodge, embrace that! it’s much more fun!

Multi Task 

When you scope be prepared for an influx of questions and hearts, sometimes questions come in whilst you are speaking and you can lose your train of thought and forget the question you just read. Sometimes the questions come in quickly and you can miss a lot, the best thing to do is say you’ll answer one at a time and ask them to ask the question again if you missed it. People like the fact that you are human so don’t pretend you are superhuman and can do everything.


Be Authentic, Be You!

Show your viewers your world, take them to your fave places as well as work related periscopes because it helps to show your human side, we build relationships with real people at the end of the day. Building real relationships is a great way to open your network and get you more advocates.

Be Interactive 

Ask your followers to take action, to ask questions or to go to your website and get your free download / join your mail list. The more people you are interacting with you are the more chance you have of having a great scope and building those all important relationships.

Repurpose your Scopes 

Periscope broadcasts stay on the app for no longer than 24 hours. You are able to save them to your phone and do what you like with them, such as upload to YouTube and Facebook. You could even embed on your blog and write the content up.

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Periscope Live Broadcast V’s Pre Recorded Video

Video, whatever way you look at is so powerful for getting your message across, people prefer to watch than read through long drawn out blogs. Many people are also too busy to read long blog posts yet can watch or listen to your video whilst multitasking. Periscope live stream is like recorded video because it can be viewed again and again within 24 hours via the app and afterwards using tools such as, having said that LIVE video broadcasting is more powerful than normal, pre recorded video, here’s why:

It’s Right now and It’s Real Time

Do you sometimes watch videos and just think, this looks all a bit, well.. false? A bit too rehearsed? You don’t get this with live broadcasting on Periscope, it’s right now, it’s realtime, it’s quirky, it’s unexpected. Live broadcast makes you seem more human. There’s no hiding, or practicing 100 times to get the right look or angle and the content comes across like it should, like you are having a conversation. With Live broadcasting people can expect the unexpected, you never know when they’ll be a ‘peri-bomb’ (where someone literally jumps on your scope – normally animals and small children!) But that’s all part of the fun and the real – authenticity of delivering content through live broadcast. It’s certainly a lot more fun and entertaining.

Live interaction with your audience!

Periscope is a two way conversation unlike pre recorded video. People can comment and ask you questions in real time and you can respond instantly live. Your video broadcast becomes more real, authentic, relevant and in the moment whereas by the time you’ve delivered and edited pre recorded video it may be dated and viewers may not feel compelled to comment or share.

Periscope Live Broadcasting is Easy

You need a smartphone and the Periscope app! Then you just press the record button and you are ready to go live! That’s it. If you have followers and great titles and content you could have thousands of views throughout 1 video! You can also save the video to upload to you tube later, people are also able to comment and share the video on periscope for up to 24 hours.  This makes live broadcasting easy for everyone, you can be anywhere at anytime and have just a phone and a decent 3/4g connection or wifi and you can go live. You don’t have to be somewhere special with the special lighting and equipment, Periscope is not about that, it’s about making a connection with your audience. With pre recorded video there is so much more to think about!

Pre recorded video will always have great benefits but live broadcasting is so much more powerful, authentic and engaging. Plus it’s free! no pre production or post production costs and very little messing about.

I’m launching a new online course! Getting started with Periscope – The 30 day challenge! – Register your interest below and i’ll notify you when it launches.

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5 Tips for Growing Your Periscope Following

Periscope is a supercharged way of using social media, because it’s live and feedback with your audience is live, it’s the perfect tool for building targeted connections and boosting brand awareness for you or your business. But if you are just starting out, chances are that you want more people to watch your periscope streams so it doesn’t feel like you are ‘talking to your phone’. If you don’t have a following yet, it doesn’t matter, it is entirely possible to grow your followers quickly on Periscope. Heres how:

Correctly Title your broadcasts

Titles are important, not only are they your first impression but they help your potential viewers decide if your broadcast is something they want to watch. Make your title sound appealing and interesting. Use hashtags as these are searchable via twitter too. Emoji’s are a great way to make your periscopes stand out. Also ensure your title isn’t too long or people won’t be able to share it via twitter without shortening which can be irksome.


Be Authentic and Relevant

Reading from a script or anything engineered will look forced on Periscope. The point is to show people your world, to show the real stuff happening now to share information and make new relationships – it’s a 2 way conversation on Periscope as people are able to respond to you instantly – so scripting a show could really turn people off you as it leaves less room for interaction. Leave your scripted shows for YouTube.

(Newbie tip: If you need to you can do a private scope with someone you know before you do your first scope to the world, this will help you understand how it works and may boost your confidence for your first public scope)

Keep your broadcast content relevant, although you don’t want to script your shows it’s always worth having a structure, perhaps note down 3 important points you want to get across that are relevant to your target audience and ensure you get those points out during the broadcast, understand that people will be asking you questions throughout your whole show and tapping the screen to give you hearts, it’s really important that you acknowledge people and thank them for participating in your scope.


Be Interactive and social

Viewer comments appear on the screen for all to see. Always try to respond to comments and questions. Ask your audience questions as well and make then feel part of your community rather than just an audience watching you. make your shows about them and giving them great information and access to your knowledge. Your audience will be giving you hearts if they like what you are saying, the point here is that they are feeding back to you that they are enjoying your scope and this should encourage you to keep going but always thank your audience to taking the time to give you hearts – They are like giving you lots of likes on social media. The more hearts you have the better chance you have of appearing in searches.

Share and Promote Your Broadcasts

Before you go live with your Broadcast you can choose to share it to Twitter as well so that when you do go live a tweet goes out, this ensures that your existing follower base on Twitter see you on Periscope, thus pulling them onto the platform to watch and follow you or to find and follow you.

Another great way to get more people to follow you is to create some nice visual graphics with Canva letting people know you are on Periscope and what your username is. You can even create images to let people know what time you will be scoping.

Show up to Other Peoples Broadcasts

Social media is about being social and not promotional and it’s not all about you! So remember to get on other peoples scopes and support them too, interact, follow relevant people. Network, ask questions and share their broadcasts too, chances are if you share their scopes they’ll share yours, opening you up a larger audience of potential followers. This shows you are also supportive and collaborative and people will be more likely to follow you if they know you may show up and talk to them elsewhere too.

Repurpose your scopes

Make sure you share your broadcasts when you have finished. They are on Periscope for 24 hours but you can save them with and embed on your blog or website. This could help further people outside of your network fall across your content and follow you on Periscope. Also (for obvious reasons) include your periscope link on your emails and your username in your Twitter profile.

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5 reasons why you should be using Periscope for business

Periscope for Business

Haven’t you heard? Live streaming is HUGE! In this post I set out 5 reasons why you should be using periscope for business 

When you run a business and especially if it’s online extending your reach and getting to as many customers as possible should be one of your top priorities! And if it is, then ignoring live streaming platforms such as Periscope and Meerkat could see your business or personal brand missing a trick!

Periscope is an incredible and powerful tool for anyone looking to get out to a large and global audience and has already helped many entrepreneurs to drive traffic, generate leads and reach those all important revenue goals!

If you still think this isn’t enough reason to start using Periscope for business then check out these five reasons why Periscope could help you to reach your online business goals.

The market is growing

But it’s still not saturated. Periscope recently announced it’s first set of figures. On August 2nd, Periscope surpassed 10 million accounts. They launched on March 26, 2015! They are seeing over 40 years worth of video being watched PER DAY! These figures are important! 10 Million is HUGE but not as huge as the hundreds of millions or billions of accounts on other social media accounts so starting and establishing your regular periscope show now means you’ll be ahead of the game with your competitors.

Perfect for instant feedback

One of the truly amazing benefits of using Periscope for business is that because it’s live and anyone could show up to your broadcast it means that testing products or services quickly on a group of people has never been easier or more instant.

Do you have a new online product or course that you are looking for feedback on? then test it on Periscope and ask for instant feedback. You could get info on the best price points, on audience interest and the best reason to do this is that you are taking your viewers on your journey and they start to have a vested interest in your success, since they had a say in your product creation. Offer these people a discount for your product as a way to say thank you.

It’s interactive 

Periscope isn’t just about reaching audiences and getting as many people as possible to listen to you! It’s all about being engaging and interactive. Because viewers are able to comment on your scopes and press the screen to give you hearts it’s incredibly interactive. Due to the way periscope is set up it means you can actively engage with your viewers and start to build relationships very quickly. When people feel they know you, like you and trust you they are more likely to buy into you. In the words of Periscope user Chris Ducker: It’s like social media on steroids. Building a an engaged audience happens much more quickly and instantly than i’ve seen on any other social media platform.

It’s personal 

Social media gives businesses and personal brands the opportunity to be authentic and ‘real’. And Periscope makes people feel like they know you much faster than on any other social network. When a viewer shares your broadcasts they are advocating or endorsing what you are saying. If you do have a business or personal brand this is the perfect way for you to show the human side of your business.

It’s easy to reach out

On Periscope it’s so simple to reach out to influencers or big names within your industry. Because you can ask questions directly and the broadcaster can respond instantly this makes it very easy to get influencers to notice you. If you show up, comment and support your influencers on Pericope they are sure to remember you and be more open to dialogue with you on Periscope or on other social media platforms.

Using Periscope for business has many benefits beyond these five! Whether it’s the incredible networking opportunities or the way it’s so easy to set up accounts and get started there are so many ways that Periscope sets itself apart as one o the most powerful new tools in business marketing.

When will you start your first show? 

Join me on periscope: or @Lucyshall

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How to use Periscope – Interview with Expert Mark Shaw

I was lucky enough to interview the very amazing Mark Shaw about how to use periscope. Mark is The UK’s ultimate Periscope Expert. We talk about why small businesses should be using Periscope and how they can get the most out of it.

Mark has incredible knowledge of social media marketing, customer engagement and has an abundance of creativity! He is so keen to get the message out to small businesses about the benefits of periscope. Mark is an early periscope adopter and does shows daily mainly based around how to use the platform and the latest updates. Mark is huge worldwide! – He’s on the Periscope leaderboard with over 2.5 Million hearts (hearts and what people give you a bit like a facebook like to show their love for your show!). He is also being followed by over 1700 people worldwide who eagerly await his broadcasts to gain massive value.

Me: What is Periscope? 

Mark: Periscope is Twitter on steroids!  Everyone now has a broadcast TV station in their pocket but very few understand what that means and everybody and every business has a massive opportunity to reach a huge worldwide audience! Periscope is integrated into twitter so even if you have 1/2 a follower on twitter and you share your show using the correct keywords and hashtags and share your show to Twitter you’ll get viewers!

Example: if you started a cooking show on a saturday morning showing people how to make a dish and you add a great descriptive headline and the hashtag #saturdaymorningkitchen which trends on saturday morning because of the televised show, then share to twitter, you’ll pick up on those users interested in cooking and already on Twitter.  Because periscope integrates with twitter this gives you the greatest marketing opportunity for your business or show and it’s free!

Me: What is the big opportunity for small businesses? 

Mark: Periscope is perfect for small businesses because you can gain huge exposure on a shoestring. You don’t need a big budget for this! There is opportunity to create a show, to tell stories, let people know why you do what you do, tell people who are you and what are you doing and share the experience with a huge global audience.

The other opportunity is that it’s not time consuming and you are guessing what people want to hear because you can build the show around the fact that it’s interactive and people can comment. But to make your show successful it’s not easy! You still need to market it! My tips for this are: Use great headlines with hashtags, share on twitter, sell the show, tell people it exists ask people to share it, come up with a schedule and ideas! Don’t be lazy! See whats trending and most importantly be consistent, keep showing up. Don’t just do 1 show and expect it to be a success, plan show’s and let your visitors know what the next show will be about, create teasers.

Me: What can small shops or online stores do to sell products via Periscope, is there an opportunity here?

Mark: The best way to approach it is Selling without selling!  Show your stuff and if people like it they’ll buy it, one of the downsides is it lasts 24 hours

Top Tip! Imagine you made a handbag with a special 24 hour price or discount.  You could create a show with a special link which includes the discount which is only available if people watch the show and get the link! By doing exclusive flash sales or limited offers you’ll drive website sales and gain more interested followers excited about getting these offers on Periscope meaning they are more likely to tune in!

Did you know?

Video is shown to increase sales by 140 percent!

You have to be creative with your videos! For example a blender company set up a you tube channel on a limited budget called: Will it blend? Each week they’d find something new to blend and record it such as an iPhone an nice candle etc! This is one of the most popular channels ever on you tube! – think outside the box and be creative to see this type of success.

Me: What are the hearts about?

Hearts are for people to show their appreciation for you – a bit like a like on Facebook

There is also a Periscope hearts leaderboard! – The most loved list. As a small business aim to get on the most loved list and you’ll get a massive amount of views and followers.

Top tip: All of this takes effort, you need to hustle put in effort. Be committed to it, have a great photo and bio, look open for business, do shows often be interesting or funny join the social network and watch other videos, comment and be social – don’t forget to have fun

Me: What do people watching want from Periscope?

Mark: People want 3 things! To be educated, informed and have fun! – this is why people come and watch your show. if you can do all 3 you are on to something! But you must work hard.

Save shows put on you tube – content marketing.

Me: What are your top 3 takeaways about Periscope for a start up or small business to do understand / do right now? 


1 – Periscope is free and available to everyone (android rumoured coming soon and can also watch online)

2. Opportunities  to reach a large and global audience have never been bigger!

3. Get the app!

Check it out now!

Check out Marks shows on YouTube

About Mark Shaw

Mark Ejector SeatMark Shaw: 7yrs + Twitter speaker, Trainer, Author, 155+ radio Interviews as a Twitter expert, has been on t.v and is regularly quoted in National & local media for his views & opinions on Twitter best practice.

Follow @markshaw on Periscope & watch his daily shows where he gives advice, tips & ideas on how to get more Followers, more viewers & more business with Twitter, Periscope & other social media platforms.



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What is Periscope? Is it a Time Killer or a Big Opportunity?

If you live on this planet you would have heard about Twitters brand new acquisition which launched recently – Periscope. So what is periscope?

Periscope is a live video broadcasting App which is available in the Apple App Store. It works by a user starting a live video broadcast using their iPhone camera. You simply need a good wifi or 4G connection and and iPhone to get started. It works like any other social network in the way that you can follow people and others can also follow you. You will see on user profiles both a follower and following count as well as a number of hearts the user has received.


Whilst a broadcast is taking place other users can ask live questions which appear on the screen for all to see. You are able to respond by talking during your broadcast and replying to questions instantly. Also during a live broadcast you’ll see loads of animated, colourful love hearts appearing in the bottom right hand corner, these are caused by other users tapping the screen and showing their love for your broadcast, these hearts then tally up and appear on your profile page. It’s almost like the more hearts you have, the more popular you are. This is also very obviously a social network, you can connect, comment and share with others in your network. When your broadcast goes live you can also choose wether to alert your twitter followers that it’s happening! – This is a great way to move some of your community over and see you on a more personal level. The broadcast is also still available for 1 day after it has ended so users are able to watch again.

I love this app / social network but is is it a time wasting activity? or is there real opportunity to leverage your business or personal brand through this live broadcasting app. I think both.

Reasons Periscope could be great for business:

If you are an individual or a business then periscope could help you interact with your community in a whole new way, you could broadcast daily expert tips, do Q&A sessions and show a more human side to you and your brand.

Each time you do a broadcast you have the option to save it to your camera roll. This is a great opportunity to create extra content for your other social networks, this could be a live Q&A session you recorded or even just a tutorial you made.

If you already make videos for facebook or you tube, you’ll know it takes a long time to edit and prepare a great quality video on a daily basis, which also puts many people off doing it. That’s all gone now! Because now you can simply start a live broadcast off the cuff, if you know your stuff and you can take the question or simply can talk with confidence ad hoc without any prep then this could really help save you time as well as open you up to a whole new group of people.

If you are a publisher or a blogger, you could use it to live broadcast an interviewwith someone.

If you aren’t a publisher you could live broadcast an interview or anything, you become the publisher, you become the brand, you become the TV star! The possibilities make a social media, community manager like me literally squeal with excitement!

I have put together a list of ideas as to what you could use periscope for here – Which may help give you some inspiration to give it a try!

Reasons why Periscope is a time sap:

There are just lots of people from around the world showing off where they live, what they had for dinner. There are even people broadcasting their whole night sleep! and you know what, it’s just totally addictive, its like watching mindless TV. The fact it’s real, these are real people doing real things takes Big Brother to a whole new level. So join and get involved but remember it’s fun and highly addictive!

When I did my first broadcast I was hooked! It was a review of a new local restaurant for a local paper and we had questions from the crowd, it was great fun and a new way of doing things but it could have gone on forever, users keep asking questions and you feel obliged to answer, so you could be streaming for a long time!

Periscope is a bit like Pringles, once you pop you just can’t stop, that’s what I found anyway. So far i’ve introduced the world to my cat, chatted about social media, done a Q&A session and made people watch me make a cup of coffee – all this is 24 hours. It’s a riot! But it’s very time consuming.

So how can use Periscope for business reasons without getting to distracted?

In all honesty for a while I think it’s going to sap time as it’s a facinating new, shiny, thingy! But as with any social media or marketing activites we undertake, if we have a plan of action or a strategy we can focus once again!

Treat it like your daily blog post and do a daily Q&A session at the same time each day or do a live show each day. Set the topics in advance. Put together an editorial calendar.

But also do make time to watch some video’s as this is where the social networking side happens, when you are commenting and replying to other videos, use your personality to build new connections, you can double tap a name to connect with people and the more people connecting means the more people watching.

Do this and I am sure with your knowledge and expertise, great plan of action and a measurable plan, you’ll soon be rocking periscope without wasting any valuable time.

What do you think? Have you used Periscope or will you be now that you know more? – Couldn’t think of anything worse? Whatever your view i’d love to hear from you comment below so we can have a jolly debate!

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